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Nov 7, 2019 | Elevate Blog

Polaris Wireless named Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award Winner for Indoor Location Positioning

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I am excited to announce that Polaris Wireless has received the 2019 Best Practices Award for Indoor Location Positioning by Frost & Sullivan, a leading technology market research and analysis firm. The report highlights Polaris Wireless’ leadership in vertical location “with floor-level accuracy…well ahead of meeting the new industry standards,” and goes on to cite many of the advancements that the company has achieved:

  • “Polaris Wireless’s advanced Wireless 3D Location platform is the first hybrid software leveraging a multitude of location technologies to provide highly advanced location pinpoints.”
  • “The company’s groundbreaking platform is a cloud-based solution that does not require costly hardware investments.”
  • “The company’s commitment to innovation has led it to develop over 100 patents across various location technologies, enabling Polaris Wireless to remain at the forefront of innovation in the industry.”

Receiving validation for our 3D and indoor location innovations is meaningful for the Polaris Wireless team. We are especially proud to be recognized for exceeding the FCC proposed mandate for floor-level vertical location accuracy within 3 meters, and “significantly exceeding” the 50 meter horizontal accuracy mandate. Our location performance is enabling application developers across many industries, such as public safety and hospitality, ensuring the highest safety for employees and customers in these industries. If you are interested in receiving the full report please contact us at info@polariswireless.com.

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